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Before you even start looking at your tasks, write down the goal you’re trying to achieve once your tasks are complete. This is your True North that will help you determine whether a task is worth doing.
Only keep the tasks that propel you towards your vision. Right now, your Todoist may be stuffed with half-baked ideas, empty projects, and tasks you forgot to check off:
Organize your tasks to simplify the work. Ok, you’ve got the right tasks — now it’s time to sort. Group your tasks together in ways that are intuitive to you. For instance, if your goal is to get in shape, you could begin with the “Fitness” category and create a project with that name. Find every task related to your goal and move those tasks to the project. “I recommend tidying by category, not by place. For example, instead of deciding that today you’ll tidy a particular room, set goals such as ‘clothes today, books tomorrow.’”
Sequence, prioritize, and schedule your tasks. Sequence your tasks A great way to stay in the flow of a project is to finish one task and immediately move on to the next, related task. That’s why you should take the time to sequence your tasks in a logical order before you get to work. Rearrange tasks by dragging the handle bar to the left of each task (Web, Mac, Windows) or tapping, holding, and dragging (iOS, Android) to the right place on the list. Prioritize your tasks There are some tasks that are more essential to your goal than others. Set task priorities to keep track of which is which. In Todoist, priorities range from highest to lowest as P1 (red), P2 (orange), P3 (yellow), or P4 (no color). Here’s an example of how to evaluate a task’s priority level: P1 — Must finish. P2 — Nice to have. P3 — Finish if there is time available. P4 — Unnecessary. These may have snuck in through your task inventory. Delete them now. Schedule your tasks Finally, set a date to complete each task. A handy tip is to make an estimate for how long a task will take to complete, and then double it. It’ll be better to overestimate and finish early than to underestimate and finish late.
Make sure your to-do list “sparks joy” Give Todoist a style that will to put you in a positive mindset whenever you check in. To borrow Marie’s signature phrase, make your digital task space “spark joy”. Here are a few tips: Write clear, specific, and motivating project and task titles. For example, instead of naming your task “Go for a jog”, try “Take a morning jog through the forest” or “Explore a new running route today” Add text formatting and emojis to give them life: “Take a morning jog through the forest 🌅🏃🌲” Use a color theme that matches your style or mood. Arrange your projects in an intuitive way.